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Options for gantry car washes

iWash: touch terminal for a customized carwash.

Augsburg, May 2015 – Bye-bye, boring carwash – hello, carwash of the future! WashTec, the world’s leading supplier of carwash solutions, is redefining how we wash cars with its new iWash. Its interactive touchscreens let customers put together their own customized program to give their car the perfect wash every time.

Starting now, the days of rigid, pre-set wash programs are over. Today’s customers expect flexible service and simple, intuitive operation when choosing their wash program. This is exactly what iWash offers – motorists decide what they want and get just the wash they need for their car at any given time. In addition to increasing the customer’s freedom of choice when it comes to creating wash programs, iWash also helps boost the washing business for the carwash operator. 


Customized extras and intuitive operation

It couldn’t be simpler: after selecting a basic program (quick wash, intensive wash or perfect care), users can choose from a large range of customized extras including “insect intensive”, “high-pressure abrasive dirt”, “rim intensive”, “underbody wash” and additional care programs. Based on the selected options, the carwash control system determines the ideal washing process and immediately presents the customer with a total price and washing time for the chosen combination. This makes the iWash customer experience entirely individual and entirely transparent.

WashTec’s innovative approach reflects the spirit of the times and makes vehicle washing more appealing than ever. The simple, intuitive operating system lets customers instantly decide what kind of wash they want at any given time. iWash introduces modern, uncomplicated customer service to the world of vehicle cleaning, making going to the carwash a genuinely customer-friendly experience!

Carwash of the future

WashTec’s iWash concept focuses on the unique washing experience of the future. “This opens up entirely new opportunities for our carwash operators. By offering a product people are enthusiastic about, operators can increase customer loyalty more than ever before, and also increase sales in the long term. Because if washing your car is fun, then you’re going to wash your car more often,” says Wolfgang Dietsch, WashTec Gantry Systems Product Manager, in his message to anyone wanting to make money with a carwash business.

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About WashTec: Based in Augsburg, Germany, the WashTec Group ( is the world’s leading supplier of innovative carwash solutions. WashTec employs more than 1,700 people and is represented through wholly owned subsidiaries in the core markets of Europe, the United States and Canada, as well as in China and Australia. WashTec also has a presence in some 65 countries through independent sales partners.

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