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Online Carwash Management System

WashTec Plus: The innovative online carwash management system.

Augsburg, 21st January 2015 – Monitor the current status of all car washes on your iPad,check the latest sales on your smartphone or quickly change the price of a washing programme: with WashTec Plus, the new online carwash management system from WashTec, operators of car washes have plenty of options. All data is available for just-intime access and evaluation, and it takes just a few clicks to adjust machine settings.

The carwash business is going digital, and WashTec Plus gives operators maximum functionality and efficiency. They can call up various KPIs at any time and take action even while the wash system is running – which optimises workflow and saves time. Operators of multiple wash locations will really benefit from the new online carwash management system, since they can stay informed around the clock wherever they are and take any necessary action.

washtec plus

With WashTec Plus, carwash operators can manage their businesses more flexibly than ever before.

Whether they need to reorder chemicals, recognise and sidestep potential equipment malfunctions in good time, or make a last-minute change to opening hours, the WashTec Plus online carwash management system gives operators the means to actively drive their business forward. Operators always have a complete overview of the business thanks to the integrated reporting system, and they can use this data to take important strategic decisions. For example, do customers like the current programme structure, or is there room for improvement? Information like this is particularly valuable when considering future investments.

“This is precisely the added value that we want to offer our customers so they can optimise and improve their businesses. We’re not focused on just supplying the best systems equipped with cutting-edge technology; that’s a given for a market and technology leader. We also want our innovative ideas to help our customers become even better, even more efficient, and even more successful. WashTec Plus is a vital component of this approach,” says Michael Drespling, product manager for payment systems at WashTec.

The new online carwash management system will turn the carwash into an enjoyable experience for operators and customers alike. Once operators’ own business has become completely transparent, they will have more time to prepare strategic actions such as advertising, special offers or short-term promotional campaigns. At the same time, full transparency enables operators to respond quickly and flexibly to special challenges. Constant online monitoring helps reduce machine malfunctions and downtime, which in turn leads to increased customer satisfaction. If a customer complains about the result of the carwash, the operator can immediately remedy the situation – and score some points by providing fast service.


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